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ADDRESS:No. 2, Block 4, Torch Industrial Park, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Baoding City, Hebei Province


Baoding Xinyunda Power Equipment Company was established in 1997. It is a professional factory research, develop, produce and sale electricity marketing modern products, such as electricity standard transmission equipments, electricity inspection equipments, power metering devices online monitoring system, and so on. It located in Torch Park, National High - tech Industrial Development Zone, Baoding City, Hebei Province.

The company has senior professional professors of power system, national experts, doctoral and master's degree technicians as the core professional and technical development team; established a sound technology research, development and innovation system, and  a close technical cooperation mechanism with North China Electric Power University, Northeast Electric Power University and other tertiary colleges and scientific research units; Set up the 0.001 transformer standard and the 0.01 power energy standard; In 2001 passed the ISO quality management system certification.

The company has a number of national patents, won a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. The smart power meter calibration system developed in this company was included in the Ministry of Science and Technology Torch Plan, and was included in the State Planning Committee Propulsive Project.

The independent intellectual property rights embedded intelligent power meter calibrator, has been the first sales in the country for more than 10 years. It leads the development trend of similar products in China, effectively resisting the foreign similar products in the market invasion; 

To meet the needs of the electricity inspection, the company developed the Low-voltage Metering Device Fault Diagnosis Instrument, and the Measuring Device Integrated Tester, which have occupied more than 70% market share of the provincial and municipal tender market; Transformer Capacity Tester, Electricity Distribution Station Customer Identification Instrument and other products, has been widely used in power system inspection and fine management field; 

The Metering Device Online Monitoring System, Power Meter Error Remote Monitoring System and other network products that were developed for the power marketing modernization needs, have been widely used in the northwest, north, northeast and other power systems, have showed a strong product vitality and technology forward-looking.

Xinyunda people always pursue the “Honest, diligent, pioneering and innovative" concept, committed to the development of electricity standards transmission equipment, electricity inspection equipment, and power marketing modern system technology, to continually offer customers more satisfied products and services.